Mrf Tyre Franchise

Mrf Tyre Franchise

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MRF is India’s largest tyre manufacturer and features in the Mrf Tyre Franchise magazine list, the dial up business the international calling business. Though MRF Tyres do not explicitly mention the nature of training and support programme in general, they have stated in their official website that the MRF tyre franchisees in India will be provided with ample training and support to start and sustain their business venture
The MRF story is a truly fascinating one. What started as a rubber balloon factory with a funding of Rs.14, 000 way back in the 40’s. MRF shares a passion for quality tyres and fast cars just as it does for quality cricket and fast bowlers. MRF’s passion for motorsports is seen through its involvement in racing, karting, rallying and various other motorsport events.

How to Start MRF Tyres Franchise Business?

Are you looking for a start to Business in MRF Tyres franchise? Here you will get full details about to How to start MRF Tyres Dealership. MRF tyre is one of the most tire manufacturers in the tire industry; MRF is India’s Number One brand comes into tyres Segments. MRFTyre is a permanent factor in all the vehicles running on our roads, while the majority of the vehicle’s tires run on MRF in the world.

Car is one of the necessary things for all people. Every family member is travel in the car. These vehicles travel on the roads with the confidence they have in the tires which is moving part of cars attached to the axle. Mostly all the car tires life is 2-3 years. So, it’s one of the best businesses in the automobile sector

Here u can get which things needed for Starting MRF Tyres Franchise, investment Cost, area, machinery and other Requirements details find out here.

Is MRF Tyres Franchise Profitable?

As mentioned earlier MRF tyre is one of the best tire manufacturers. Most of the car is running on MRF tyre, so that’s why MRF tyre market is reaching to a high level of selling tire as compared to other tire companies.

Why choose MRF as a Franchise?

With every technological advancement in automobile. The well-established brand name helps a common retailer generates revenue with easy efforts.

Secondly, there are very fewer chances of getting unsuccessfully because 5500 stores are already operating it is possible only when the majority of them are profitable.

Mainly its well knows for manufacturing strong and durable tire all commercial vehicles which cover 200 to 400 distance on a daily basis prefer MRF only.

It produces tires for cars, scooters, trucks, F1 cars, or any other type of vehicle with the latest technology.

So many famous celebrities have endorsed this brand like Virat Kohli, Sachin Tendulkar, Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma, etc.

How long does the application process take?

Depending many contributing factors, such availability of opportunies in your preferred territory, finance and independent legal and financial advice, the application process can take as little as three months.

What support will i receive?

MRFTyre & Auto offers a comprehensive onboarding and training programme for new Franchisee’s. In-depth support from our Business Improvement team and on-going “day-to-day” support from the Regional Management and Head Office team’s.

Frequently Asked Questions About MRF Tyre Franchise:

1. What is the cost of investment for an MRF dealership?

The franchisee should have an investment of 10 lakh rupees initially. An investment of another 23 lakh rupees is necessary for the dealership to purchase equipment and for other store-related expenses.

2. How to apply for an MRF dealership?

The process of applying for an MRF dealership is very simple. One needs to visit the official website and fill out the dealership application form. The individual should provide certain personal and official details along with the application form.

3. List the documents needed to apply for an MRF franchise?

The documents required to be submitted along with the application form include address proof, identity proof, store address, store ownership or rent deed, and the bank statements.

4. What happens after the application form is submitted?

After submission, the application form goes for inspection. MRF’s executive staff will review the application and if everything is fine to them, they contact the applicant for further discussion. After that discussion, the MRF staff determines whether to move forward or not.

5. How much area is required to set up the MRF tyre store?

The area needed to set up an MRF store is about 370 square meters, which comes to approximately 4,000 square feet.

6. Is the MRF franchise profitable?

Yes, of course, the MRF franchise is very profitable. By spending in this company, a franchisee can get high returns every month.

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